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Sign up here for a discount code for 100% off your first 12 months of a MedCircle membership for the first 50 people. For people who sign-up after the first 50 before November 30, 2020, MedCircle will provide a 7-day free trial and 50% off their monthly membership.


About MedCircle

Mental health is often stigmatized, misunderstood, and disregarded. MedCircle is changing that.

MedCircle believes that people who become highly educated about mental health can improve both their lives and the lives of the people around them.


While treatment, medication, and therapy are all crucial components to mental wellness, the first step to optimal mental health is quality education.


MedCircle provides access to the world’s greatest minds in mental health through engaging interview style video series and in-depth articles on important mental health topics.

MedCircle is your guide to credentialed, accurate mental health education. Understand yourself and the people around you like never before through engaging interview-style video series with highly credentialed and experienced doctors.

Find out more about MedCircle and subscribe to their YouTube Channel!

To listen to my podcast episode with Kyle Kittleson here.

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