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The action-packed podcast full of tips to improve your life.

Ready to grab life with both hands and live it to the fullest?

Join Dr. Judy on her SuperCharged Life where she dives deeply and fearlessly into guests’ issues in love, sex, friendships, work, career, bad habits, addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety.


Sometimes we get stuck in our old patterns. We want to change but we don't know how. Uncover what's holding you back and discover a new way to take on life, inspire love, and create happiness and fulfillment. 


Dr. Judy is passionate about helping you become the Superhero in your own life. Each podcast episode offers a tangible, scientific tool you can use to  SuperCharge your life.

Supercharge your earbuds as Dr. Judy extracts actionable tips from leading experts  who share valuable lessons they've learned on their unique journeys. 

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Check out highlights of her podcast interviews to learn the best tips to Supercharge your:

  • Productivity and Motivation

  • Psychology for Success

  • Stress Management

  • Burnout recovery

  • Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD coping

  • Health, Fitness, and Other Lifestyle Habits 

  • Relationships and Social Life

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

  • Wellbeing and Joyful Living Hacks

Podcast Highlights

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Click here to learn more about Resilience with Virginia Buckingham

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