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Gratitude Game!

Start off your week with this game to cultivate a positive, grateful, and resilient mindset!

The benefits of gratitude are scientifically proven. Gratitude activities improve mental and physical health, enhances empathy and relationships, aids with self-esteem, quality sleep, and a sense of deeper connection to things and people important to you.

But we also know that if gratitude activities feel forced, they can cause irritation and frustration - the opposite of what we want!

So the key is to make gratitude fun, easy, and natural. And I love this gratitude game you can play on your own or with others!

The rules are simple.

When playing with 1+ other people, take turns answering these rapid fire questions on my list and sharing stories. Telling someone else about your gratitude experiences helps you and the other person experience a heightened sense of well-being.

When playing on your own, write down your answers to these questions, taking the time to reflect and re-read what you wrote. If you feel so inspired, pass along this list to someone else to work on, or do something nice for the person you expressed gratitude for.

Here are my answers!

  1. My hubby

  2. Family trip in Italy last year - it was a huge bonding experience for our extended family.

  3. Piano playing

  4. I have a great memory of the day I graduated my doctoral program - I teared up as they were putting my hood on me.

  5. Hawaii - it is such a magical place for me whenever I visit.

  6. I have a dream for my second book project - which I am working on now and hoping to bring to fruition soon.

Tag someone else who you think might like this gratitude game and share one or some of your answers here!

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