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*HOLIDAY* WELLNESS: The Secret to Joyful Living (Hygge)

Do you Hygge? If not, the #holidayseason is a perfect time to incorporate this Danish secret to joyful living!⁣ ⁣ Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah) can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adjective, and has been called everything from “coziness of the soul” to “a hug even without physical touch” to “the art of creating intimacy.” The CEO of the #Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen explains that you know Hygge when you experience it, but the key ingredients are relaxation, comfort, being present, indulgence, and togetherness.⁣ ⁣ Denmark is rated as one of the world’s happiest countries (reference: Word Happiness Report). Perhaps Hygge is partially responsible! Here are some tips to try it for yourself.⁣

  • Tip 1: Get a comfy blanket. This is essential! Get something you can really cozy up to (loving my flannel blankie here). ⁣

  • Tip 2: Light a candle or create warm-colored lighting. Most Danes associate Hygge with some type of glowing flame or orange/red hued light source. ⁣

  • Tip 3: Put on lounge clothing. Invest in an adult onesie, or put on pajamas, a robe, comfy clothes (nothing cinching!), warm socks, or slippers!⁣

  • Tip 4: Indulge in a favorite food - but mindfully. Yes, for Hygge, you can take a small break from ultra-healthy eating and allow yourself to savor a treat, like hot chocolate, a piece of cake, coffee with cream. But moderate the amount you eat, and take your time, enjoying just the food with the company of loved ones without other distractions. ⁣

  • Tip 5: Take part in a relaxing activity. Try knitting, working on a puzzle, enjoying a holiday movie with your loved ones, playing a board game, take turns giving each other shoulder massages!⁣

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