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Mind Maps! Did you know they help with memory?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Brain Health tip: Use Mind Maps for Memory Training, Learning, and Organization! ⁣

Mind Maps are a visual way to help us attend and focus on important topics we are trying to make sense of. ⁣

It’s a word association tool that is visually stimulating and the act of designing/writing them helps us to think more creatively, learn more effectively, and commit the material to memory quickly. ⁣

This is a great brain health hack because Mind Maps:⁣

1. Combines a visual and written learning style - so it reaches more people with different types of learning preferences. ⁣

2. Helps sharpen memory because research shows that memory is strengthened by writing down the material actively (instead of passively reading) and the visual stimulation of colors and patterns helps you to call up a mental picture when you need to remember the info. ⁣

3. Aids in organization - because you can use different colors for different categories and more important content is larger on the mind map and helps you prioritize.⁣

4. Enhances creativity - you are drawing as opposed to writing things down in a list, it can be as fancy or as pragmatic as you want!⁣

Try Mind Maps for:⁣

- Memorizing information ⁣

- Teaching children⁣

- Making to-do lists (here’s part of mine for this week!)⁣

- Brainstorming ideas ⁣

- Organizing thinking⁣

- Brainstorming ideas⁣

- Managing project tasks⁣

- Planning events⁣

- Taking notes⁣

What is your favorite way to use a mind map?

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