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MOTIVATION: Don't Let Your Past Define Your Future

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Don’t let your past define who you are and what you can achieve now and in the future. Negative events from childhood, failures in the past, being told by others that you can’t do certain things - these memories can get stuck in our heads and even in our bodies,

causing us to experience great physical and mental discomfort whenever we are triggered by something that reminds us of a checkered past. But today is a new day, and it offers new beginnings. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a negative cycle of self-defeat, and don’t tell yourself that because something happened in the past, it will continue to be this way now and for the rest of your life. Instead, let today be a day where you start fresh. Shake off what’s holding you back and envision a brighter tomorrow where you can prove yourself and your naysayers wrong. ⁣

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