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SELF IMPROVEMENT: Remove These Limits from Your Mind

Your mind is limitless. So don’t restrict it with thoughts that limit possibility!⁣ ⁣

Here are some words I’d like you to pay attention to. Do you use this in your vocabulary a lot? In your inner thought process often? If so, get ready to take the limitations off your mind. ⁣

Of course, we aren’t going to remove these words completely from your language. These are needed to communicate effectively. But, the next time you think of something you’d like to do, pay attention to the next thought that pops up. If it contains any of these words, start questioning it. Really take a look at it under the proverbial microscope. Is it really that you can’t, won’t, don’t, or shouldn’t? Or is that just fear of taking a chance talking? ⁣ ⁣ Next time a limiting thought pops up around something you want to do, tell yourself the opposite instead: I can, I will, I do, and I should!⁣

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