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Values Cart Sort

Here’s a great tool to add to your Self Development skill set: Values Card Sort!⁣

When you know your top values, you can use it to enhance your self-care, self-reflection, and decision making. A really fun, hands-on way to do this is with my Values Card Sort which makes it a fun game.⁣

You can grab this for free here. Cut out these 33 common values and try it for yourself! ⁣

The purpose of this exercise is to identify the values that are most important to you in your life today. Values are at the heart of what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. Your values are unique to you.⁣

Sort them into three piles, most important values (11), medium important (11), and least important (11). Then from the top 11, order them from number 1 to number 11and try to break any ties. ⁣

Once you have your top values, you can use them to enhance:⁣

1. Decision making. Next time you have a big decision, think about which path would honor more of your top values, and pick that decision. You won’t regret it!⁣

2. Self reflection. At the end of each day, think about your top 3 values, and ask yourself, “did I do something, however small, to honor each of these values today?” If not, recommit to doing something small to honor each of these 3 values the next day. ⁣

3. Self care. Design your self-care plan around your top values. Rotate among your top 7 and choose a self-care activity that helps you to nurture one of your top values for each day of the week.⁣

Have you done values-based work and what are your ideas?⁣

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