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WELLNESS TIP: For a Healthy, Fit & Well Winter Season

The weather outside is getting chilly, so it’s time for some tips to stay #healthy, fit, and well during the winter!⁣

  • Tip 1: Wash your hands frequently (and thoroughly)! Frequent hand washing is the best way to stay healthy. It protects your immune system and the others around you! Make sure you wash thoroughly (you should be able to hum “happy birthday” song in its entirety before you turn off the faucet).⁣

  • Tip 2: Get a steam or sauna! Feeling a bit down or stressed during the holiday season? Steam rooms and saunas can help! They alleviate tense muscles, get you to work up a sweat, and is a great way to detoxify AND #destress.⁣

  • Tip 3: Go with your body’s natural circadian rhythms. When the days get shorter, your body will naturally want to #sleep longer. Go with it! Use the evening hours to wind down before bed, and establish good sleep hygiene (I’ll be doing a post on this soon) to get good quality sleep.⁣

  • Tip 4: Beef up your vitamins! In the winter, it’s especially helpful to boost your levels of Vitamin D3 (usually we get this from sunlight), elderberry (better for antioxidants than blueberries!), vitamin C (supports immune function), vitamin E (great for healthy skin and hair), and zinc (protects bodies from free radicals).

  • Tip 5: Keep up with healthy eating and #exercise. The holidays are no excuse to go off of your usual health routine! Yes, it’s easy to skip workouts when it’s dark and cold outside, but schedule your workouts in and create alternatives (indoor group classes v. outdoor hiking). Allow yourself indulgences, but plan ahead for healthy eating too so there is a balance (if you know you have a party coming up tonight, have a light lunch).⁣

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