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WELLNESS TIP: Get Outdoors

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I’m so fortunate to live in a place where we have good weather all year round. And today I’m at a beautiful botanical garden, which is a very special outdoor excursion. Wherever you are, definitely maximize your time outdoors as much as you can. Even 20 minutes a day can have significant benefits, including:⁣

1) Boosting your energy - one study showed that being outdoors for 20 minutes is equivalent to how you feel after consuming a cup of coffee!⁣ ⁣⁣

2) Helping you to refocus - Feeling foggy? Taking a break from work outside helps to sharpen your focus so you can tackle work tasks with more ease.⁣

3) Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D: - We get 90 percent of our Vitamin D from sunlight. This is an essential vitamin for maintaining healthy bones and reducing inflammation.⁣

4) Making exercise less painful - It can be a struggle to work out at the gym sometimes! Taking your workout to the outdoors can help beat boredom and inject excitement into your routine.⁣

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