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WELLNESS TIP: Give Yourself The Gifts of Kindness & Forgiveness

Are you someone who tries to #motivate yourself through negative self-talk? ⁣

  • Do you dwell on your #mistakes, ruminate about what you should have said or did, and beat yourself up for your missteps? ⁣

  • Do you hold yourself to impossible standards, but can be much more understanding about others’ flaws? ⁣

  • Does the #holidays trigger certain memories or past experiences that cause you to feel shame or guilt?⁣

If any of this sounds like you, then there are two gifts you can give yourself today, for free: #KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS!⁣

Even though these gifts are free, they sometimes don’t come easy. We are often the harshest critics of ourselves. But everyone deserves a little grace, a chance to start anew, to not create the same hurts in yourself and others. ⁣

So, take a deep breath, and⁣:

1. Say out loud, “I forgive myself for ___________" (fill in the blank) and then write down at least one way you will correct the mistake going forward.⁣

2. Do something nice for yourself today. If you get stuck, think what someone who loves you might do for you. ⁣

Happy holidays. I hope you give yourself two of the best gifts that money can’t buy!

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