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*HOLIDAY* WELLNESS: How to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

The holiday season is just around the corner. What will you do to stay #healthy and well this year? I’ve got some ideas!⁣

  1. STICK WITH YOUR ROUTINES. The holidays are not an excuse to break from your usual wellness routines, such as #exercise, eating whole foods, and doing your mindfulness activities. Tackle your holiday months the way you would any other time of year. With all of the holiday parties and special occasions, plan ahead to ensure that you keep up with healthy eating and exercise.

  2. PRACTICE #MINDFULNESS. There are only 3 steps to mindfulness at its most basic, and we can do them anytime. STEP 1: take deep breaths. STEP 2: focus on your environment. STEP 3: repeat! Whenever you find yourself getting #stressed, take some time out for mindfulness.⁣

  3. TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOU. There are a lot of work and family obligations around the holidays. So make sure that every day, you take a little time out for you. It can be short but must be everyday. For example, take a quick walk around the block, listen to your favorite playlist, or make time to read a few pages in your favorite book.⁣

  4. LEARN TO SAY "NO". Sometimes the best thing you can do to not feel #overwhelmed is to put up some healthy boundaries. You can’t say yes to everything, so next time, check in with your values (ideas you want to ascribe to in life, and how you want people to remember you) and see how you feel before you decide to commit to something or not. If something does not nurture one of your top #values, ditch it and move on.⁣

  5. STAY CONNECTED. The #holidays sometimes gets people down and then people isolate. When you notice yourself taking a dip in mood, fight your urge to isolate and reach out to a loved one instead.⁣

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