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WELLNESS TIP: Make Your Commute More Pleasant

Who says commuting can’t be fun? Here are my science-backed tips for how to make your commutes more pleasant and even productive! ⁣ ⁣ The average commute time in the U.S. is at an all time high - it grew to just over 27 minutes one-way last year. And, 4.3 million workers in the U. S. have commutes of 90 minutes or more per day (that’s me!).⁣⁣

Longer commutes are bad for their workers, families, employers, and economy. But we can turn this around by using some science-backed hacks to improve your #mindset during your commute. Here are my tried and tested favorites!⁣

  1. Learn something new. Use your commute time to listen to a podcast or audiobook so that you can #learn something new and feel productive. Did you now that reading for six minutes a day can #reducestress by 68%?⁣

  2. Connect with loved ones. Use your commute time to chat up a friend or family member (hands-free of course!). This strengthens relationships - which boosts #mood and fight loneliness.⁣

  3. Stay cozy. Instead of putting on your restricting work clothes, why not sport your loungewear + flip flops for the commute? Comfy clothes helps #relax the mind and body - so it gives you more time in a stress-free zone.⁣

  4. Listen to chill/happy music. Opt for light #music that keeps your mind at ease (sorry death metal fans). Music has such power over our emotions so be intentional about your choice of playlist.

  5. Slap on some essential oils. Lavender has been shown in studies to decrease heart rate, reduce blood pressure, and promote calm. Keep a bottle of pure lavender oil in the car and apply on temples and wrists when you need a time-out.⁣

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