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4 TIPS ON: Journaling for Anti-Journalers

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Do you hate journaling but want the proven benefits? Me too! I have a few tips for you!⁣

If you know the benefits but have been loathe to start or keep it up, you’re not alone. I’ve had to experiment with a lot of different ideas over the years to find one that makes sense for me. If you’re not a born-journaler, read on for some fresh ideas on how to make this your own!⁣

  1. Doodle! Yes, this counts as journaling! Instead of #writing your thoughts, draw some scribbles instead. It’s fun and sparks creativity.⁣

  2. Write lists! If you’re not into writing long sentences, write in bullet points! You can list anything you want, from things you’re grateful for, to ideas for a new home project, 10 reasons why you love your job, or things you want to accomplish this month.

  3. Journal to a weird prompt! Journaling is much more fun if you can free write to something interesting. Write about the most inventive movie you saw this year, an odd dream you had, or ⁣a cool planet to visit.

  4. Make a collage! Get to know your crafty side and make journal entires with magazine cutouts, stickers, printed photos, and markers. You can collage to a theme or to recap a special day.⁣

Bottom line, your journal is for YOU. So find a practice that is fun for you, makes you feel relaxed, #mindful, excited, and engage.⁣

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