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WELLNESS TIP: Staycation for Rejuvenation

On a budget and short on time? Try a staycation done right with my fool-proof tips to maximize your #relaxation and elevate your experience!⁣ I‘ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of staycations because I really couldn’t really relax at home. But after researching and trying

out some of the hacks below, I realized it can be a rejuvenating time-out with some tweaks!⁣

  1. Block out a timeframe and stick to it. Decide when you’re having your staycation - it can be as little as 24 hours!⁣

  2. Break your usual #routine. To mimic the novelty of vacay, plan a couple of new things to do that aren’t part of your day-to-day (visit a museum or a new restaurant).

  3. Splurge on a luxury experience (or two). Decide what kind of fancy you want (in-home massage, hotel style robes, fancy food delivery, a new hammock, small shopping spree) and put it on your vacay agenda.

  4. Pause time. We often lose track of time on vacays, so recreate that by putting away clocks and watches - this will maximize your relaxation.

  5. Set an out-of-office message and put down devices. Announce that you’re unavailable for work responsibilities and take a device break to really recharge

  6. Make a no chores rule. When on vacay, you don’t do chores. So resist the urge to wash those dishes or organize your bills

  7. Take lots of photos! We usually capture our vacays with photos, so make sure to snap away on your staycay too.⁣

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