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Wheel of Life: A Simple Yet Powerful Visualization Tool

Want a simple and powerful tool to visualize all the important areas of your life?

Then try this Wheel of Life exercise!

This practical exercise helps you to quickly understand how balanced and fulfilled your life is in this moment.

You can draw your own (just make a circle with 8 different sections like I did here) or check out my free template!

Start by listing 8 areas of life, roles, and/or values that are important to you. Then rate your satisfaction with each category on the wheel by drawing a line across each segment, with 1 being very dissatisfied (center of large circle) and 10 being fully satisfied (outside edges of circle). Using the results, identify at least one action you can take to work on improving your score in an area that needs a little boost - which will help you improve your life balance, fulfillment, and joy!

Which area of your life needs a little more attention today?

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