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stop self-sabotage author speaker dr jud
stop self sabotage author dr judy ho spe

Speaking Engagements



Dr. Judy Ho regularly speaks at national and local conferences and is available for a variety of corporate, educational, and professional speaking engagements.


Please contact Dr. Judy to discuss ideas for your speaking event and she can work with you to create the specific program you are looking for. 


Examples of recent topics Dr. Judy has spoken on include:


  • How to stop self-sabotage

  • How to hack confidence

  • How to SuperCharge your life

  • How to harness the power of persuasion

  • Reducing burnout for health care professionals

  • Motivation, willpower, and goal-setting tips

  • How to make the most of your personality type

  • How to develop social intelligence

  • How to build effective teams at work

  • How to be a superb manager and supervisor

  • Enhancing your productivity, attention, and memory

  • Living a Values-Based Life

  • Scientific approaches to problem solving

  • Breaking bad habits

  • Maximize productivity and manage your energy

  • Neurobiology and practical tips for stress management

  • Mindfulness and gratitude strategies

  • Behavioral management strategies for youth

  • Living a values-based life and finding your purpose

  • Strength-based testing and interventions

  • Increasing your cognitive abilities

  • Acceptance and Mindfulness Therapy techniques

  • Protecting against depression and anxiety episodes

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Advancements in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • How to find the right career

  • Understanding clinical conditions

  • Neuropsychology assessments


"Burnout Buster for your Personality Style"

Keynote Speaker


Master The Disaster Conference

"Living A Values Based Life"

Keynote Speaker


Women's Lifelong Learning Breakfast Forum

"Rock Your Motivation"

Keynote Speaker



Women's Summit

"Your Career, Your Story"

Keynote Speaker


Pepperdine University Annual Career Week

"The Science of Burnout"

Featured Speaker


American Board of Pediatric Neuropsychology 

"Working Smarter with Your Personality"

Featured Speaker


Girl Talk Festival

"Comprehensive Evaluations"

Featured Speaker


Constellation Behavioral Health

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