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Six Steps to Unlock Your True Motivation, Harness Your Willpower and Get Out Of Your Own Way!

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Want to find out which primary L.I.F.E. factor is getting in your way?


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Celeb Buzz for the Book


Dr. Judy has written the most amazing tool to help you on your journey to live your best life. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to do a self-audit to dispel the things that are not working!

Vivica Fox

"If you are interested in changing, this is a must-read! People always wonder how and why they find themselves in the same situations over and over again - Judy provides analysis of the sources of our sabotage and then offers practical and proven exercises for breaking these patterns."

Dr. Drew Pinsky


"Stop Self Sabotage is the playbook for eliminating behaviors that interfere with the life that you deserve. This book is essential to those who desire lasting change"

Mike Bayer

Praise for Stop Self-Sabotage

"In this motivational debut manual for self-improvement...Dr. Judy’s motivating, empowering work will provide support and guidance to readers looking to overcome self-destructive habits"

Publisher's Weekly

"In Stop Self-Sabotage, Dr. Judy Ho gives you the tools to intervene in your own life...with her easy to use six-step program for more meaning, purpose, and joy"

Brad Lamm, CIP

"Stop Self-Sabotage is a power-packed guide for those who get tied up with self-defeating thoughts or actions...with an engaging roadmap toward greater happiness and fulfillment"

Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis

"Stop Self-Sabotage provides a winning blend of insight, compassion, and practical advice.

Dr. Judy's writing is lively and compelling, and loaded with useful techniques"

Dr. David Levy

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